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  1. Thank You!

    Thank You!
  2. 1996 P LMC Sruck Thru Late Stage Die Cap Error?- Mr Diamond?

    Mr Diamond:

    Is this a die cap error and if so, at what stage would it be.

    Early- Mid or Late?

    Thank You!
  3. Thanks! Definitely not the DDO.

    I'm not feeling the love on this one. The LI of LIBERTY near the bottom exhibits shelf like appearances which is machine doubling.
    Stack showed a good example from John Wexler. You should be able...
  4. 1968 S- Proof Washington Quarter- FS-101- ( CONECA DD0-001?)

    Is this 1968 S Proof Washington Quarter the FS 101 ( CONECA- DDO-001?)

    I checked the PCGS site and they have 6 coins listed as the FS101 and it looks like
    this 68S Proof could possibly be a...
  5. Congrats, Real nice find!! One of my all...


    Real nice find!!

    One of my all time favorite Ike DDO/DDR'S with the bonus of being a RDV-006 Friendly Eagle also!

    *Here are 2 pics of my Anacs MS 63 1971D DD0-001/DDR001 RDV...
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    Thank you very much for the info! The reverse...

    Thank you very much for the info!

    The reverse definitely looks like it took a hit with a hammer or maybe a large nail punch.
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    1999 P LMC- Another Vise Job?

    1999 P LMC- Vise job?

    If so, curious as to how this was exactly made.

    Thanks for any help.
  8. Thank you Mike!

    Thank you Mike!
  9. 1965 P Washington Quarter: PMD or legit error?

    Found this 65P quarter in a CWR earlier today.

    PMD or legit error?

    Opinions Welcomed!
  10. 1972 D Washington Quarter- Type H ( RDV-008)

    Found last night roll searching a box of Quarters:

    1972 D Type H ( RDV-008):D

    Too bad about the gouges on the Obv, but it is the reverse that really counts!

    I've now found 2-1969D RDV-008's,...
  11. Just so I'm clear on all of these, the Silver...


    I'm not entirely convinced these are retired proof dies. The configuration of a proof die is different than a business strike die and they would have had to lathe them down to fit. ...
  12. Hi Ken: *The 1968 S- RDV 008 is earlier than...

    This is not a "Proof Reverse." It is a "Proof-Style" Rev unless one can actually prove it was used to strike proof coins earlier.

    Hi Ken:

    *The 1968 S- RDV 008 is earlier than the 1969D* Does...
  13. Got the coin back from ANACS Today: Graded out...

    Got the coin back from ANACS Today:

    Graded out at Mint State 64 :D
  14. Thanks Mike! Looks like a match with a portion...

    Clash marks, most likely. Check the quarter overlays on to see if there's a match.

    Thanks Mike!

    Looks like a match with a portion of Washington's eye area from the obverse.
  15. 1997 p Washington Quarter- Die Clash or possible DDR?

    What is that above the arrows on the reverse of this 97P Quarter?

    Die clash ( part of Washington's eye from the Obverse?)

    DDR: Extra small leaf?

    Opinions Welcomed.
  16. Thanks Mike! Thought is was too good to be...

    Thanks Mike!

    Thought is was too good to be true (LOL!)
  17. 1990 D Washington Quarter- 2-Straight Clips?

    Found this 90D Quarter roll searching.

    A valid double straight clip or cut by a pair of pliers etc. outside of the Mint?

    Looks like possibly PM damage by the BER of LIBERTY.

  18. 1969 D Washington Quarter- Proof Reverse on a Business Strike in Mint State

    Pulled from a BWR of quarters yesterday.

    1969 D in Mint State - Type H Proof Reverse on a Business Strike Quarter :)
  19. Thank You!

    Thank You!
  20. 1972 D Eisenhower DDO + multiple unabraded die clashes.

    Picked up some loose Ike's from a local bank the other day and one of them ended up being a real nice 1972D DDO with
    multiple un-abraded die clashes on the Obverse and Reverse.

    Notching on the G...
  21. Confirmation Made! Definitely FS-25-1968D-801...

    Confirmation Made!

    Definitely FS-25-1968D-801 ( CONECA; DDR-001) :)
  22. 1968 D Washington Quarter DDR -001 FS25-1968D-801?

    I found this 1968D Washington Quarter in a BWR of Quarters earlier today.

    It looks like the one in the Cherry Pickers guide on Page 220. Fifth Edition Vol II.

    Opinions welcomed !

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    Thanks Mike! It's way underweight- it's...

    Yes. To make absolutely sure, weigh it. I should be a little underweight.

    Thanks Mike!

    It's way underweight- it's weighing 2.53G!
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    1952P Wheat Cent- Tapered Planchet?

    Found this 52p Wheat cent earlier today in a BWR.

    Is this a tapered planchet?
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    Thanks Mike!

    It's not an incomplete clip. When I first saw the obverse photo, I thought I might be dealing with a rolling fold (blanking burr). However, such an error should appear on only one face. The...
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