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Thread: Strange Die Dents on a 2005 Oregon Quarter

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    Default Strange Die Dents on a 2005 Oregon Quarter

    I found this Oregon quarter with a strange pattern of marks on it. It is most visible in the field off of the lower left branches -- but widely spaced marks are also visible on the right side of the same tree (which you can barely make out due to the overexposure - sorry).

    Any ideas what might have made these marks?

    Seeing this one got me to thinking and I thought of a good question to ask you error coin experts... Is there such a thing as a hub to die strike through (or pressed through)? In other words - some foreign object sandwiched between the hub and die during the die making process?
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    I couldn't venture a guess. It's new to me.
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    Recently, Bob Piazza and I have been discussing trail dies in concerns with master dies and working hubs. There seems to be such incidents on both of those manufactured pieces,. So, why not strike throughs from master die to working hub? I am sure that it does happen, however, quality control pulls must of the blunders, or so I would imagine. Who would want a series of coins, that number in the millions, with an obvious flaw. As James Wiles pointed out, in this day and age, dies (and hubs) are relatively inexpensive to make. But again, I do imagine there is a point where the inspectors of such devices let small, insignificant faults go by.

    Looking at the pattern your coin has, it would seem to be struck through a small portion of cloth. Do you have multiple examples of this anomaly? With different dies?

    BJ Neff
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    No - this is the only one I've found so far. It is a nice AU example from a circulated roll. As doubling has been known to exist on the 2nd branch up on the left - I always check this spot. So if that anomaly involved some sort of master die issue, I would imagine that I'd have seen this many times by now.

    My first thought was die scrapes -- but then I saw the crisscross pattern which pretty much rules that out. Then I thought strike thru of some sort -- but the marks appear to be raised - so I guess not. That's when I thought -- maybe a 'press thru' while making this particular working die? If that were possible, it might look like a regular strike through on the working die - which would result in a raised image on the coin. The marks with the crisscross pattern are pretty faint -- the wider spaced marks under the branch above are heavier.

    It is really no big deal -- a very minor anomaly. This coin almost went into the junk pile. It is just odd -and I couldn’t figure it out. So I had to ask the brain trust.

    Here's another photo. There are little bits of stuff in several locations. It really does look like some sort of cloth or fine mesh. But it would have to have been little more than lint sized.

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    Could we be looking at a piece of metal screening that damaged the die in a previous strike which left that type pattern?

    I am not the greatest on strike throughs and hopefully Mike will come back into this thread.

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