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Thread: Jefferson Nickel Errors

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    Default Jefferson Nickel Errors

    While I know these aren't as rare, or neat looking as the Cent that BJ posted, here are some of the errors that I've picked up this week.
    I don't know why but I have a weakness for off centers, and have about 3-4 more on their way in the mail to me!!

    I was also more than happy to find in a dealers box a TY1 Nickel Blank!

    If ya'll want to see a photo of the backs of one of these coins let me know.
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    Hey SPEEDY, some nice errors there. Glad to see you are really getting into those Jefferson Nickels now.

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    Thanks Ed! Good to see you over here!
    Tonight I was away from the computer for awhile and when I checked email I got one saying that I had won a nice Jefferson Nickel O/C Broadstrike!! (1989-P)

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    Nice Errors, Speedy. I really like the double clip and major off center nickels!
    I have a nice high grade 42-? war nickel with lamination error, I can post sometime.
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    Well I got in the errors I posted above along with a few others and I found that one (Not one of the above) was not only an off center strike, but either double struck or maybe a saddle strike. I'm not sure what one as the 2d strike is really small and just shows alittle. I'll try to get some photos up here.

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