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Thread: 2007 P Sacagawea $

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    Default 2007 P Sacagawea $

    Check out this 2007 P Sacagawea $. The eye of the eagle is abnormal and the UM have evidence of doubling maybe die break down, machine or ?

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    The letters of UNUM appear to be a doubled die, and one that should be submitted for attribution. As for the eye, I'd have to see a comparison photo of a normal eye before I render any opinion. Congratulations on your find.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Yes, that does have all the earmarks of a hub doubling. As for the eagle's eye, I believe that to be part of the doubled die.

    Congratulations on a very excellent find and I think the first ddr of its kind on this series.

    BJ Neff

    Mike - I added a picture of a normal eagle eye for your comparison.
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    Tuebits I agree with BJ, looks like hub doubling to me. Any possibilities I might could examine the coin just PM me.

    Congrats on your find!

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    Wow that is a very interesting find there..Hope all pans out!!
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    Just wanted to let you all know that Billy Crawford did examine this coin and found it to be a doubled die reverse. This is the link to tha page;

    BJ Neff
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