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Thread: 1999 Delaware "Spitting Horse" die crack error coins

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    Merlin8971 Guest

    Default 1999 Delaware "Spitting Horse" die crack error coins

    Here is a set of three 1999 Delaware "Spitting Horse" die crack error coins. It is a rather well known die crack error for the Delaware state quarter. The first photo is of what I would consider a mid die state strike. The die crack goes from exactly at the mouth of the horse down through the C in Ceasar and continues to the rim in an almost straight line angle. The second photo is of a second coin I found that appears to be an earliert state strike since it seems to be a slightly less pronounced crack, but still plainly visible (in hand), but hard to photograph. The third photo is of a completely different die with a similar early state die crack. I think one can see the die crack is actually above the mouth line about half way between the mouth and nostril. The die crack actually ends before it has reached the C in Ceasar (indiated by the blue arrow). Oddly enough, it is on almost the exact same angle as the other die crack on the other two coins.

    Hopefully the photos are clear enough for everyone to see the die cracks.

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    Nice die cracks there..Thanks for sharing!!!
    Still the best "Nickel Trail Die Hunter". 2013 ((MIKEE)) T.Davis

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    I've got a couple from two different dies. Can't tell if these are the same as yours or not.

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    Merlin8971 Guest


    Looking at my "Spitting Horse" die crack coins, it appears to me that your photos are from a different die set than mine. Either the die crack starts in a slightly different position or the die crack goes through a different area of the "CA" of Caesar. I found a fourth "Spitting Horse" that appears to be from another totally different die.

    On another note, yesterday I opened a mint roll of Kansas state quarters and found four "Spitting Bison" die cracks in the first ten coins (haven't looked further into the roll). Similarily I found five "Extra Cactus" die chips over designers initials in a newly opened roll of Arizona state quarters.

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    Im wondering what you guys do with these die cracks??
    Still the best "Nickel Trail Die Hunter". 2013 ((MIKEE)) T.Davis

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    Merlin8971 Guest


    We collect them.

    I also collect pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars, etc. I like the fact that the four "Spitting horse" die cracks I have are from different dies. A unique coin does not have to be valuable, it just has to be unique. Isn't that the whole mystique around coin collecting?

    Yes, it is nice to have a unique coin that is valuable, but if that is the ONLY reason one collects coins, I personally think that person is only half a numisist. But, what do I know, I'm just a novice.

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    I just asked the question because I once collected die cracks until I was turning up boxes of them.Then after a while I just toss them back..If there is a nice die crack I'll keep it .
    Still the best "Nickel Trail Die Hunter". 2013 ((MIKEE)) T.Davis

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    Merlin8971 Guest


    I guess it is a matter of preference.

    Personally I am collecting all the varieties of State Quarters just for giggles. I think some are "neater" than others, some are just harder to find. I think the Nebraska "Lava" die chip one is kewl and I have four different ones. The Arizona "Extra cactus" die chip is OK but I have eight or so of them. Since I have a complete set of Mint issued P & D state quarter sets and a complete "S" proof State quarter sets and a complete State quarter "S" silver proof sets and a complete set of novelty state quarter commemorative dollar set, a smattering of about 30 PCGS graded state quarters, I figured the varieties will make a nice addition to the collection. I have at least one roll each of uncirculated P & D state & Territory quarters. I collect Connecticut state quarters, just because I like the design, as well as other state quarter designs I like.

    As far as varieties go, I have over 850 pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves and even some "Peg Leg" Ikes.

    I put together a complete set of Kennedy uncirculated P, D, S proof, and S silver, SMS, and satin halves, including the "Heavy Hair" Kennedy. I think it is like 208 coins. The only one I do not have is the 1998 SMS Commemorative Kennedy half. I have approximately 50 other Kennedy's that are either uncirculated duplicates or PCGS graded Kennedy's. I have a complete circulated Kennedy set, just for giggles and probably 100 or so other Kennedy's.

    The same with Franklin's. I have a complete uncirculated set plus a number of extras. I have a fair amount of Walking Liberty's from 1930's on. I have sets & rolls of all the Presidential dollars, Sacagawea's, SBA"s, most Indian heads, thousands of wheats, lots of buffalo's, all nickels and dimes and quarters from 1940 on.

    I just went nuts when I started, to me it's like a crack addiction. I even collect mechanically doubled coins that I like. I know that Wexler and other say mechanically doubled coins are worthless, but I know they are worth at least face value, but more to me if they are interesting. That's just the way I roll,....downhill, on edge, picking up speed, just like a quarter.

    P.S. You can send all your die crack to me if you like.

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    Wow Im just blown away at your level of collecting.I dont have the space to store all what you have .I collect all sorts of coins ,US and foreign.

    I'd like to keep fewer than 200 or so coins at my house.Now adays Im mostly into error coins and variety coins.

    I dnt know but for some reason I feel I have to make the headlines with my finds in order to feel whole.Im always on the hunt for the next great discovery.So far trail die finds have been working great for me .

    I guess coin collecting is the next great high. Im high on coins now lol..

    I will keep you in mind for when I come across more die cracks ..
    Still the best "Nickel Trail Die Hunter". 2013 ((MIKEE)) T.Davis

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    Merlin8971 Guest


    I tend to go toward the beauty of a coin. I started just gathering silver bullion. Then I bought a couple of high grade silver eagles. They were georgous. Then I bought some very high grade eagle proofs and I was off to the races and started collecting everything.

    Now, I look (dream) for the really rare stuff, like a mule or a 1983 copper or a Delaware doubled Caesar Rodney. But I am satified with just an interesting coin or gathering together sets. I bought a replica 2000 P Sacagawea/quarter mule just to have the replica to show others.

    I spend way too much time looking at coins. I guess I have no life to speak of these days outside of coins. My choice of course. I get a weird excitement looking through a supposed unsearched roll of wheat pennies and finding a coin that is special. I feel like I struck gold when I go to the bank they have a roll of uncirculated coins or a roll of silver Kennedy's I can buy for face value.

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