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Thread: New Eisenhower Dollar Forum Up & Running!

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    Just wanted to let the Coneca Forum followers aware of a brand new Forum dealing with Eisenhower Dollars...Tom Kalantzis and his site(IDDD), have worked hard to get this exciting new forum up and Coneca's Forum, there are different catagories to post questions and topics in, and, Moderators will be able to help you decipher your coins' issues. Pic file sizes have to be kept below 128 KB to post.
    Here's the link..just register, wait for an approval, and have fun! There is a LOT of new information on IKE'S that is very exciting I know you IKE Collector's will want to discuss.
    Calvin Goddard

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    Thanks for the info .. Im going to check it out..

    Still the best "Nickel Trail Die Hunter". 2013 ((MIKEE)) T.Davis

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