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Thread: 1980-D Lincoln Cent Shoulder Cud

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    Some of you may have seen this on another forum so sorry for doubling up.
    I'm not sure if this type has been seen before, so I am curious if cents from this break are known.
    I found this in a bank wrapped roll last week. It's my first cud find in the wild.
    Thanks for taking a look.
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    So it's been several years and I have still never seen another 1980-D cent with a cud in this location. Have you?

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    There are way too many cuds to remember all of them. Base-of-bust cuds are among the most common and they really don't stand out in one's memory.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    I appreciate the input. I was pretty proud of myself for finding this one (first ever in the wild). Maybe next time, I'll have a more dramatic cud to share.

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