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Thread: 1981-D Jefferson Nickel RPM D/D or D/P OMM?

  1. Default 1981-D Jefferson Nickel RPM D/D or D/P OMM?

    I found this 1981-D Jefferson Nickel with some sort of RPM, but, not sure if an OMM, D/P, or, RPM D/D...sure looks like a OMM D/P to me..opinions welcomed.
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    Merlin8971 Guest


    My novice opinion of the photos you supplied would indicate a D over D over P. That is my guess.

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    That seems logical Merlin...sending out to Dr. Wiles..will report back later.

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    Dr. Wiles attributed the coin as RPM-OO1, stage A, of 2 known...
    Going off to Anacs for a holder...coin is roughed up obverse, nothing I can do...except hunt for a better example...since thousands of rolls of 81-D have been searched over the last 31 years, perhaps this is one of those "1-die" varieties, and, a tough bugger to find, probably only in MS60 and below is a strong RPM, and, worthy of inclusion in the top 25 best Jefferson Nickel RPM list, IMHO.

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