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Thread: Canadian cent struck over a struck 2004 Papua New Guinea One Toea on a Fiji planchet.

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    Default Canadian cent struck over a struck 2004 Papua New Guinea One Toea on a Fiji planchet.

    I have never seen an error affecting 3 different countries on the same coin but I am sure there are some out there. Purchased on ebay sometime back. I knew there was a lot going on with the coin from the listing picture but was pleasantly surprised when the coin arrived and I was able to determine what it really was. The 2004 New Guinea One Toea is supposed to weigh 2.1 grams but the coin weighed 1.64 grams which is correct for a 2004 Fiji One Cent. Canada was striking coins for both countries in 2004.
    Guinea 1.jpgGuinea 2.jpgGuinea 3.jpgGuinea 4.jpgGuinea 5.jpgGuinea 7.jpg

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    Here an image of what the Papua New Guinea One Toea under strike is supposed to look like.
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    Coin just came back from NGC

    three country error.jpg

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    Nice coin!
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    WOW!! very nice!!

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