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Thread: 1952-D Lincoln Cent CONECA: RPM-015

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    I have a few of these 1952-D Lincoln Cents, and on the original 2x2 mylar it mentions a "D" near the rim.

    1952-d Lincoln Cent with d near rim.JPG

    It took me a little while to locate a reference for this coin. Its one of the few Lincoln Cents I have that is way out of the typical mint mark placement area.

    I love the RPMs and OMM errors that are dramatic. The RPM's are pretty much dwindling down on the availability of RPM's.
    I have thousands of BU RPM's that range from 1944-D to 1972-D.
    Eventually these will increase in value, since they have not been produced since the mid 1990's or so.
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