I am at a show in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A Gentleman named Don stopped by my tables. He has a 1969-S Lincoln Cent that appeared to show split serifs on the date. It was very minor, probably a class 5, but with my limited light setup I couldn't pull the splits out. He found it in pocket change over the past year. Maybe I will have a chance to do it right at another upcoming show.

The second coin was quite impressive, it was a 1955 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die. He was kind enough to let me photograph the coin, and I sent him these images as well. The phones are pretty typical, and the most important one of all was the die scratches on the reverse under the 'T" in CENT. I think this coin has a chance at a MS-65. The front of the coin looked a bit dull, but other than that she was a beauty.