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Thread: 1957 D weird BIE, and 1956 RIDB

  1. Cool 1957 D weird BIE, and 1956 RIDB

    Hi all,
    I found some interesting lincoln cents while going through some rolls. The first one is a 1957 D with some very unusual scratches in LIBERTY. I don't know if it would be considered the beginning stages of a BIE error. It also has large die gouges on the rim of the coin obverse side, as well as the reverse.
    The second coin is a 1956 with an interior die break on the obverse. It's actually quite large. It's on the bowtie. The 1956 also has a nice gouge underneath "GOD" which is visible in the first photo. Are these already known to anyone?

    Thanks for any help.


    17357424_10155069633020750_848292439_o.jpg 1956
    17380159_10155069627735750_1815723536_o.jpg 1956
    17360737_10155069416695750_54586060_n.jpg 1956
    17361134_10155069416690750_320766624_n.jpg 1956
    17361293_10155069646560750_1634453796_n.jpg 1957D
    17373095_10155069647520750_601315778_o.jpg 1957D
    17360735_10155069415800750_862574107_n.jpg 1957D
    17392032_10155069415790750_1115367329_n.jpg 1957D

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    Jessica, your 1956 with the Die Chip could be the 56-T26 which Jean Cohen listed on page 273 “DIEBREAKS AT THE TIE” in her 1969 edition of “THE CLASSIFICATION AND VALUE OF ERRORS ON THE LINCOLN CENT” is a must have for any collector of Lincoln Cent Errors and Varieties. Check for a light die crack from the tip of the left wheat to the rim on the reverse.

    You’ll find 144 BIE listings in the book for 1957D starting on page 69. IMO your 1957D is not a die chip "BIE".

    If you are ANA member you can check out her book from their library.
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