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Thread: 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars. The "D" mintmark

  1. Question 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars. The "D" mintmark

    I'd like to offer four different Kennedy Half Dollar mint marks. Lets take a quick look at each mint mark. I will offer three photos of each "D" for a total of 12 photos.

    I am pretty sure I know what these are, but I wanted the community to have an opportunity to view four of these mint marks. I DO have a fifth, but I ran out of time shooting photos.

    Let me know what you think of each of these coins and why. Lets all work on these together and come up with a group consensus. No fighting !

    COIN # 1

    COIN # 2

    COIN # 3

    COIN # 4
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    What is it you see...all I see is a lot of MDD, with maybe a couple of minor RPM's.

    Larry Nienaber

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    I was hoping people would form their opinions by telling us all their opinions about each.....

    Coin #1 is :

    Coin #2 is:

    Coin #3 is:

    Coin #4 is:

    Any amplifying data would help new collectors in an analyzing these mint marks and feeling more confident on attributing their own coins.
    Its meant to be more of a learning experience for those that wish to participate.
    Some attributions can be quite painful to make, and I thought since I had a wider selection of 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollars people can sharpen their skills
    and come up with some awesome opinions.

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