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Thread: Lincoln Memorial Cent off center strike question.

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    Default Lincoln Memorial Cent off center strike question.

    Would there be anyway to distinguish if this coin was struck in 1988 or 1989 by looking at these pictures or would it be just a wild guess? I believe that you can see the top left part of the last 8 in the pictures. The reason I ask is because the reverse has the bold fg.Thank you!
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    If the "FG" initials have serifs and the g is "fat" it may be an 89. However since there exists 1988's with an 1989 reverse, and 1989's with the non serif thinner "g" exists because of an 1988 reverse, it is a real toss-up as to the actual date. I think the photo shows an 1989 "FG" reverse since the lower vertical bar on the right looks to have a serif at the bottom with a minimal or no serif at the top of the same vertical bar. With the coin in hand, you may be able to define whether the "G" has the serif at the top of the vertical line along with the bottom serif. It still does not define whether the coin is an 88 or 89. Good luck.

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