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    I've come across a Proof Lincoln Cent (not a dime as in the header... TYPO) in a set and this thing is BROWN. There is not one hint of red on this at all and it is not from toning either. Is this a common thing as I've never seen one like this in any Proof Set?2017-10-13 08.37.45.jpg2017-10-13 08.39.31.jpg
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    Are you sure it's not a deep cam ?
    Here's an image of one from Pcgs .
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    It is possible, it's just the field seems the same as the profile and there is no mirror or sheen that I can distinguish through the cellophane. While Lincoln's profile seems to have a possible CAM/DCAM finish to it, none of the lettering or reverse appear to have any of the cameo characteristics? I think I'll take this one to my "guy" and see what he thinks. I am not taking this one out of the wrapper due to its potential, I'll leave that to a professional. The quarter in the set is DCAM, the nickel is CAM with purple/gold tones, the dime is borderline CAM, but poor old Ben is just a regular high proof coin. This is my best all around '63 proof set.

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