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    Going through some flipped 55' cents and noticed this interesting little gem. There appears to be several break lines on Abe's head and another on his lower left coat. On the reverse, there is either a crack or cud on the "T" in CENTS. While this isn't the big DDO, it's still an intriguing find. Anyone out there seen one like this?

    2017-11-09 10.53.19.jpg2017-11-09 10.54.14.jpg2017-11-09 10.52.59.jpg2017-11-09 10.53.34.jpg

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    Popularly known as "cracked skull" cents, these patterns of die cracks are extremely abundant among cents struck in the 1950s.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Even as defined as this one is, I am almost sure it doesn't have a lot of value. I keep it as a educational piece and its a topic starter at the CONECA tables at shows.

    Die Cracks - Die Breaks.jpg
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