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Thread: Walgreen Find 1971-D Ike Dollar Coneca DDO-001 & DDR-001

  1. Default Walgreen Find 1971-D Ike Dollar Coneca DDO-001 & DDR-001

    I picked this one up the other day .
    I only took enough images, to get the job done .
    Both sides are stage C .

    Flow lines are amazing on the Obverse and Reverse too .
    I think this coin was struck from the first dies made and there was lots of issues with these dies . Later on in the year, new steel dies were made to fix the issues they were having with the first dies made .

    Only Stage A & C have the DDO, with the DDR .

    I think staging on this one has to do with changing the die, not the state of the die . Weird .

    Here's the link to Coneca site .
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    Real nice find!!

    One of my all time favorite Ike DDO/DDR'S with the bonus of being a RDV-006 Friendly Eagle also!

    *Here are 2 pics of my Anacs MS 63 1971D DD0-001/DDR001 RDV 006.

    Mine is stage A- clearly shows the "Trapezoid" Die marker between the T & R.
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    Thanks Chuck . I didn't know it was a cherrypickers coin ..
    I wonder why coneca doesn't list it, as a cherrypicker coin ?

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