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Thread: 1971D RPM-001 Roosevelt dime

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    Default 1971D RPM-001 Roosevelt dime

    Good morning! I went through 20 1971 mint sets and found a 1971D RPM-001 Roosevelt dime. Does anyone know how rare this specimen is? I could recall this is a pretty rare if not, scarce specimen. Thank you!

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    The only suggestion I can offer is looking over at and see if James Wiles has entered any population numbers.

    I highly doubt any of the Third party Grading services actually have pop numbers publicly.

    CONECA Master listing may have info as well:

    The pop numbers from the master listing says "2", but in Bold Orange text says it can be found in Mint Sets, which usually means there is a good possibility it can still be pulled from a set.
    Rarity numbers can hard to define. There can be many that are not reported. A die can typically make somewhere between 10,000 to 300,000 coins before being retired.

    The master listing for these dimes also lack the URS listing, which can give an educated guess to the potential population of the coin in question.

    URS listing can be found on this page:
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