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Thread: 1918-D Lincoln Cent Strike Thru Grease?

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    Default 1918-D Lincoln Cent Strike Thru Grease?

    I enjoyed Denny P.'s article in Volume 26 Number 6 of ErrorScope regarding Struck Thru Mint Errors. It caused me to revisit a PCGS slabbed Lincoln Cent in a sample type holder (why it was ever slabbed is another mystery!). The obverse has the expected circulated wear with defined rims and device outlines...but the reverse is mushy and smooth and rimless as you can see. Opinions on this being a possible strike thru grease example?
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    wow, this is pretty well worn. Mike D. will probably nail this on the head, and may amplify on why it is, or isn't. With the photos as is, Its definately hard to tell. I have quite a few of these but most are BU or real close to BU, so it's a little easier to make a call. It could very well be a struck through, but I am not feeling the love on this one. I always ask myself, what would others think of this coin, and how can I prove what I see? With the above photos displayed, I'd probably acknowledge the coin could be a struck through, but tell the owner that the coin is well worn and too hard to convince others of this issue. Sure I see what I see as a rimless reverse, but man - this is a tough one.

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    It just looks horribly worn to me.
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