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Thread: Virginia VNA Coin Convention - CONECA odd ball sightings

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    I was at the Virginia VNA Coin Convention from the 20th to the 23rd. I looked at a lot of coins for the customers.

    Three that stood out I will try to address each here.

    The first was a 1955 cent. It looked like it was of a different metal, weighing 3.87 grams. Looking at the obverse, it looked like it had a double rim, and at the show I didnt have the time to dissect this as I wanted to. I flipped the coin over and noticed the tab at the top of Lincolns' head, or bottom of the reverse. I flipped it over again and thought it may have been a silver plated 1955 with the remains of a brooch or pendant ring on the outer edge. I didn't see a clear separation line all the way around so I had tell the older gentleman I'd have to ask Mr. Mike Diamond for a bit of help or clarification. Here are the photos.



    The second was what looks like a split planchet. I could see a faint impression of Lincoln on what was the obverse.



    And last but not least, is a questionable nickel. The owner thought it was simply a strike through reverse and when I looked at it under the scope, and laughed, he asked what was up. I asked him if he noticed the extra letters on the obverse. he said no.......

    PUP is NW near Jeffersons' head, NW orientation.


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