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Thread: Unique Indian Cent - 1862 1C DDR FS-801 S-5 - Uncirculated

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    Question Unique Indian Cent - 1862 1C DDR FS-801 S-5 - Uncirculated


    This is my first post on CONECA--looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    The coin appears uncirculated and has pointed, raised/thick lettering on the obverse--and possibly some Longacre doubling. It looks nothing like the flat lettering on another 1862 I have (also a higher quality coin).

    The DDR is quite clear under the upper ribbon and arrows, and has the faded "N" in ONE. The actual color of the coin is closest to the Reverse picture. My camera is not the best, so I hope these images are adequate for now. I can post more if there is any interest...


    1. Bright, mirror-like fields
    2. Many areas of the design appear doubled
    3. Denticle shape appears doubled
    4. Right Feather tips appear doubled
    5. Lips and ear appear doubled
    6. Liberty looks like it has a spread and the letters are difficult to read--almost blurred

    I'm wondering if the tarnishing from very old wipe marks would make it not gradable? If not, I would like to send it to PCGS or NGC but not before it is examined. Who would be the best person to contact about the next step?

    Thank you for any help/insight on this...
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