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Thread: New 1990 D DDO?

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    Hello all. Was doing some roll hunting found this 1990d. Originally it just looked very nice. I took the scope to it and it appears there is some doubling in the building and in the s at least in cents. What do you think?

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    Personally, I am not feeling the love on this one. The top two photos, to me anyways look like there is a lot of wear, and possibly some over zealous die polishing.
    These dies strike several hundred thousand coins, and they start out with nice sharp strikes and very strong letters and devices.
    Over time these features can show wear and streaks, eventually the strike will be a bit loose due to wear and cause strike or mechanical doubling.

    Lighting is a pain in the........ Hobby, but I have to say that in places, the lighting is a tad too bright reflecting off the building and letters.
    I rig up some cloth to subdue the lighting or use some adjustable color and intensity lighting to make my work a lot easier.

    I do not know if I have Nickel DDR laying around here, if I do, I will shoot a picture or two.

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