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    I posted the same quarter a few days ago but I shot it with my iPhone and they didn't come out that good. So I was able to use my Nikon D810 with a 105mm 2.8 Macro lens. I think they came out a little better. My question is, do the streaks look like die streaks? Because to me, it looks like the streaks are underneath the letters? If that makes any sense.

    Thank you
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    To me, these look like damage from a coin roll machine or possibly a coin counter machine. Although the photos are clear and I try to make them larger on the screen, I cannot discern whether the streaks show up on top pf the devices ( letters and numbers).
    It "looks" like the lines jump over each letter. Since I do not see any lines continuing from one side of a letter, through the letters and into the center of a letter like an "O" and over the back side of the letter leads me to believe its coin roll damage.

    But I could be wrong. One of the resident experts on this forum, Mr. Mike Diamond may chime in when he gets a chance.
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