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Thread: Possible 1971-D Kennedy minor Rpm ?

  1. Default Possible 1971-D Kennedy minor Rpm ?

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    I think your 71D would be the 71D RPM-003. Check out Variety Vista...
    Larry Nienaber
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    Yes, I understand about variety vista. I go there quite often when I want to attribute some coins for people at shows. I also have a stack of James Wiles CDROM's just in case the wifi connection is down or has to be paid for at shows.

    To me, IMO, this is a minor RPM. I do not see a lot of separation and only split serifs. I did receive your PM about the coin, and your desire for it.

    I will tell you how I obtained it. I was at a show in Richmond, VA a 3 or 4 years ago and an older gentleman wanted to trade borderline BU/AU Kennedy Clads for one silver 1964. I reluctantly agreed and I got to cherry pick what he had. I ended up getting this coin, along with a DDO from the same year.

    I really don't need anything for it. I am willing to depart with the coin since it only cost me 50 cents. I can place it in the mail if you will provide an address via PM. I am all about helping collectors finish up their varieties set and if this knocks one off your list, perfect.
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    After seeing this half dollar in hand…I don’t think the mintmark shows the 71D RPM-003. I was able to match this RPM with one I had sent to James Wiles in 2008 and he had said it was “too minor to list”.
    Larry Nienaber
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