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Thread: Foreign Doubled Dies

  1. Arrow Foreign Doubled Dies

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    Welcome to the forum, Daniel. I've enjoyed your posts in the Error Coin Information Exchange, and I'm sure the members of this forum will enjoy them just as much.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Daniel - I thank you for posting those pictures. They are excellent doubled dies. Do you have any idea to what type hubbing ssytem was used for these anomalies? It would be interesting to know if these were a product of the single squeeeze type hubbing system or if they were produced by multiple hubbing.

    Thank you and welcome to this forum!!!!

    BJ Neff
    Member of: ANA, CCC, CONECA, Fly-in-club, FUN, NLG & T.E.V.E.C.

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    i'm not quite sure BJ but i think for the Euros they use the single squeeeze hubbing system.

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    I'd be shocked if this amount of separation was produced by the single-squeeze method. Of course, we see dramatic separation in some of the Minnesota doubled dies. But these involve very localized doubling, not wholesale doubling as seen on these Euros and fractional Euros.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Default 1986 Republic of Ecuador 1 SUCRE - Doubled Die

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    GREAT EURO Doubled Dies!!!


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    Default 1931 Argentina 5 Centavos - DDO

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    Default 1954 Great Britain Shilling Doubled Die

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