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Thread: Foreign Doubled Dies

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    Default 1988 F (Stuttgart) German 2 Mark Doubled Die

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    VERY NICE!!!
    CONECA Errorsope Editor

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    I agree, not pleasant in the way of design on the obverse. Nice doubled die.

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    Very nice Ken.

    BJ Neff
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    Thanks everyone. It is a nice addition to my ever-growing foreign coin DV collection.

    I do have a question that I have been unable to find an answer for on the web. I know that the Euro was introduced in 1999 and became the official currency of the initial "union" countries in 2002. I also found out that there is a fixed and indefinite exchange rate for cashing in marks to euros. But what I don't know and want to find out is... what did the German government do with the old coinage once it was exchanged and pulled from circulation?

    I would guess that most were destroyed (recycled metal) but I really have no idea. This 1988 coin likely had no collector value at the time of the exchange -- and it certainly wouldn't win any beauty contests. So I wonder how many of the original mintage might have survived? I imagine it will be much like Morgan dollar stated mintages not accounting for those melted for silver value. Due to massive numbers being melted down, only time will tell how 'rare' some dates and mints truly are.
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