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    I have what I believe is a shattered die nickel. It has 5 die cracks radiating from Monticello, 2 of which are very thick, and one die crack that seems to extend from the top left portion of Monticello, and curves around to the upper right of the dome. Before I spend an hour trying to get a picture, I just wanted to know if it was possible that it could be a shattered die. As I recall, the date is 1998, but I'll have to go check to make sure tomorrow. I'll try to get some pics if I can, but with my camera, it's nearly impossible to get a good close-up.

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    From your description, it certainly sounds like it could be a shattered die. Even though I haven't heard of a shattered die from this year, that's no barrier to one existing. I'd love to see some photos.
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