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    Default Shattered die nickel

    I found this is a mixed bankroll a few weeks ago. The year is actually 1983. This is the best picture I could get. What do you guys think? Shattered die, or not?


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    Heavy clash marks. The dies smacked into each other when a planchet failed to be fed into the striking chamber.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Oh, I see it! Very cool! I've wanted one of those for a while. Even if it's not a shattered die, it's a nice roll find!

    Thanks, Mike!

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    So, do you know what one like that would be worth? I don't wanna sell it, just curious. My book says $5-$10 and up, but is that a lot more than mine is worth?

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    The clash is quite strong but the coin grades only AU at best. I'd say $10 is in the ballpark.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.

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    Thanks again! The coin doesn't seem to be quite AU. There are several contact marks and some wear. When you see it in person, it looks like VF-XF. I'll mark it at $5 just to be safe, so no one takes it to CoinStar sometime in the future.

    I have another Jeff that looks like it could be a laminated die, rather than a laminated planchet. I'll get pics up here sometime this week. I might be completely off again!

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