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CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

CONECA was formed through a merger of CONE and NECA in early 1983. To learn more about the fascinating HISTORY OF THE ERROR HOBBY and THE HISTORY OF CONECA, we encourage you to visit us our main site Here

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We thank everybody who has helped make CONECA the great success that it is today!

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Attention VARIETY collectors: Kevin Flynn Variety Auction for sale by Heritage

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  • Attention VARIETY collectors: Kevin Flynn Variety Auction for sale by Heritage

    Hi Variety collectors! Kevin Flynn's collection is being sold by Heritage. This is the press release we sent out to let people know about the sale.

    A Major Variety and Error Coin Auction: Kevin Flynn Collection
    Currently Being Auctioned by Heritage

    CONECA, the international error coin and variety club, announces that noted die variety and error specialist Kevin Flynn is selling the majority of his certified die varieties through Heritage Auctions. Included are nearly 580 lots including doubled dies, repunched mint marks, over mint marks, overdates, clashes, off-denomination clashes, repunched dates, misplaced dates, and other rarities.

    Many of the coins for auction were used as plate coins for books that Mr. Flynn wrote. The auction listings include complete cross references, description, and where applicable, links to the die variety section of the book in which the variety was listed.

    Denominations represented with examples of varieties include Indian Cents, Lincoln Cents, Two Cent pieces, Three Cent Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Barber Dimes, Quarters of different types, Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars, and dollar coins including Liberty Seated, Trade, and Morgan Dollar. Gold varieties are also represented.

    “There are many varieties in the sale that have not been seen elsewhere. The collection is a cumulation of thirty years of writing fifty-eight books and needing to find coins to use for those books,” said Mr. Flynn.

    He went on to say, “Hopefully these coins might instill in others the hunt for additional possible missing die varieties. It is so very satisfying seeing the cumulation of vast hours of searching, research, and effort over these past years. The essence of our hobby is to gain and share knowledge.”

    “This collection is highly significant for variety enthusiasts,” said James Motley, president of CONECA. “We anticipate that enthusiasm for the coins in this sale will fuel interest and education in the variety side of our collecting hobby niche.”

    The thirty-day auction started 2/2/2024 and can be found here, listed as “The Kevin Flynn Collection of Die Varieties US Coins Showcase Auction #63270”:


    For questions about variety coins, or this significant auction, please contact CONECA public relations via minterrors@gmail.com and we will put you in contact with Mr. Flynn.

    CONECA can be found online at https://conecaonline.org