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possibly a new die clash quarter

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  • possibly a new die clash quarter

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    This is a missouri scenic waterways p quarter. I'm working on the pictures for future posts. The text is working now. I hope you all enjoy it. I did not see any other examples of this clash there are surely more somewhere it would seem.


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      What does the reverse look like?

      Jason Cuvelier
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      (all images I use are ęJason Cuvelier 2008-13)


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        Sir I hope you are recovering well. The reverse does not seem to me to be clashed as well as am able to see I am not an expert in this field. Other than that it is a typical 2017 p Missouri quarter Ozark Riverways quarter. Sorry it took so long to reply. I am going to post a picture on coneca.


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          When posting a photo of a coin its always helpful to post both the obverse and the reverse photos. Thanks for the post!
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