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2000 D Sacagawea One Dollar Possible DDO

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  • 2000 D Sacagawea One Dollar Possible DDO

    Hello, I posted this coin in another group and was told to bring it here as apparently there is no known DDO Variety for this specific one. Please let me know what you think.
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    Sorry, but the photos aren't sufficient for me to be able to tell. More than likely it is just machine doubling.


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      Don't be sorry, the lighting in my place is shocking, believe it or not I actually tried really hard to get those shots

      I hope these are better! Thank you for commenting
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        To me this looks like machine doubling... strike damage or so other mechanical doubling. I suggest looking at varietyvista.com to see if they list any Doubled die obverse there for that year. In the entire series of Sacagawea, I think there might be only 1 or 2. . I haven't looked up Sacagawea errors in quite some time. She is one of my fav coin series.

        Typically a doubled die would make the devices ....letters numbers or buildings a little thicker and may show split serifs as well. If it were a Ddo since one impression was slightly higher than the other the bottoms of those letters may show some evidence of notching, split series or give a hint of some sort.

        if the area in question appears to be significantly lower than the original part of the letter then its probably shelf doubling aka machine doubling and not a DDO.

        Lighting is the number one frustration Source for me when I am taking photographs of coins. Its best to try to diffuse a light by placing a sheer white fabric over it. Just be careful if it gets too hot.. I use daylight led bulbs so they stay cool and no worries of anything burning up..

        Keep up the hunt.. they are out there..!
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        Gary Kozera
        CONECA State Representative for Virginia
        Website: http://www.minterrors.org


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          Thank you for responding. And good advice, I just managed to get some really good photos for my next post! Thanks again


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            I gotta agree with MintErrors, probably MD. It "almost" looks like some type of notching is trying to happen here. You're looking in the right stop though....good eye!

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              Since you're looking at Sacagawea's, keep an eye out for this 2000-P.

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