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what is up with this 1983D penny? I see the date and LIBERTY all over the obvers

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  • what is up with this 1983D penny? I see the date and LIBERTY all over the obvers

    IMG_20240302_135904.jpg This is a 1983 D penny that is not one of a kind. I have 2, so would this be a die variety, but the reverse looks the same and I can see design elements repeating around the edge. I can also see the date and LIBERTY all over the obverse very random positions . I hope that someone can tell me what happened with this . Has it been multi struck or is it on the die since I have twoIMG_20240302_140032.jpg IMG_20240302_143607.jpg
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    Just my 2 Cents,
    looks like it was in the burn unit, think it has been a victim of fire, but that’s just my opinion it could also be from a rusted die or deterioration, or grease, Just My 2 Cents
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      I'm talking about the date above the date that is bright and shiny,and i can see a date under that . They are stacked on top of each other with about half sticking out in a north north east direction IMG_20240304_175652~2.jpg


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        Just My 2 Cents,
        I don’t see it, not that I doubt what your seeing, just hard to tell from photos and “My eye”, if it’s fire damage or grease, shiny will happen and heat with the light metals will cause raises and bubbling, could be coin clash, but as it appears in subject photos, “Myself” I can’t make it out, you have ok photos but lighting is everything especially with subjects as such that are hard to determine to begin with, I’m just giving my opinion, I’m still learning, or have a lot to learn,
        so I’m interested to hear the outcome just giving my 2 cents,
        I think of it as trying to point out something I see in a cloud unless it’s pronounced enough for others to see what I see they won’t.
        Im working on my photos myself as good as I think they are they appear blurry, remember many people many operating systems so hope that helps, sure someone here will call it out no problem, but then where is the learning.


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          In my opinion, One has to think about these things logically. The cent as I see it does look like it was exposed to heat or fire.if so, yes, the zinc core could bubble and cause the copper plating to buckle. It will give the appearance of something it is not.

          One thing to note is that it has a normal stike. With the normal strike, this means it's nice and round. A typical cent.

          Now IF (and that is a big if) it were struck multiple times, it would be slightly off center, unless the thing got struck multiple times when still in the collar, but... I don't see enough to call it that. You would have to use several coins to stack one on each area you see the date or libert that approach will show you how the coin would have looked IF it had multi struck. In my opinion, it would look alienish, almost scalloped with 2, 3 or 4 different locations.

          Let's just finish this with my opinion again...I simply don't see anything convincing. Agreed more like a heated fire victim.
          Gary Kozera
          Website: https://MintErrors.org


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            You could be right may be from fire. I really appreciate e comments and I am working on the photos just waiting on a cable I ordered and then maybe there will be some improvement until then I will try not to put anything out, but its hard not to, I have so many coins that I have put away over the past 30 years or so that I have just recently started looking at


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              Just My 2 Cents,
              Thank you for sharing,Gary, it makes cents, and good info to know for future hunting
              Vince what your talking is not bad you just have to know what it’s “not” capable of doing, so you may have to use a 10x loupe or what works to get a clearer shot of subjects with need of fine detailing, some you can get by on it’s all trial and error, I have been holding off on many I want to submit, but can’t get the money shots, but angles and lighting is everything, try a sunny day by window and see the difference of what you see and sometimes lower light, all trial and error, it’s the name of the game,
              Thank You for sharing


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                In my opinion, lighting is the number one pain to get right when taking photographs.
                I use two desktop lamps with very bright daylight bulbs. From there, the microscope camera software I use allows me to limit the amount of gain and light intensity in. I do use sheer cloth over the lights to cut down glare and offer universal light, which makes for a better photo overall.

                It's all about time and patience. For photos, I have written some steps on this forum of how to use a cell phone to get better photos. It probably does not apply to these newer microscopes.
                Gary Kozera
                Website: https://MintErrors.org


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                  Thanks fellas I will keep all that in mind and I also ordered a digital microscope just 0n Monday. Will work on the lighting as well much appreciation for the feedback and if you don't mind please check out my last topic "images on this quarter move" I posted the other day in General forum because I'm not sure what it is. have a few 2004D wisconsin low leaf quarters, again I appreciate the feedback.
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