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Found weard Buffalo nickel please help??

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  • Found weard Buffalo nickel please help??

    Can someone please help me on this Buffalo nickel I had found hunting my 1st nickel box ever hunted and also it was an ender barely can see you doing. You barely can see date and the surfaces have a silvery texture texture kinda bumpy like compared to all the other buffalos I found the surfaces are just a dull flat or shiny look. Please pleasegive your opinion I posted pics below hopefully they do the job and hopefully I have a diamond in the ruff thank you guys very much and look forward to meeting you all!
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    Someone soaked this coin in cold, slushy rubbing alcohol to "restore" it. Just damage, sorry.


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      Thank you sir!


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        You are very welcome! Nice find by the way....


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          It has been common in the past to leave a buffalo nickel in a corrosive to try and teak out the date on a worn coin.
          Jason Cuvelier

          Lead attributer


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            Thank you!!!!


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              Rubbing alcohol would do this? Well I learned something today!!. Nice. Im a Lincoln guy myself so I had no clue. But why cold and slushy?


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                Does it have any Date or mint mark on it. I can’t tell from these pictures.


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                  Originally posted by Dewlynn60 View Post
                  Does it have any Date or mint mark on it. I can’t tell from these pictures.

                  No, it was soaked in something, they tried to see if it would raise the date up, but it was soaked for tooo long.

                  Gary Kozera
                  Website: https://MintErrors.org