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CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

CONECA was formed through a merger of CONE and NECA in early 1983. To learn more about the fascinating HISTORY OF THE ERROR HOBBY and THE HISTORY OF CONECA, we encourage you to visit us our main site Here

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We thank everybody who has helped make CONECA the great success that it is today!

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    Hello my name is Angel and I’m new to the group. I’m not a member yet but plan on becoming one soon. I’ve been coin hunting and collecting for a little over 3 years now. I would like to get some feedback on these coins to see if they are true mint errors or not.

    On the 1957-D Jefferson Nickel, please look at the reverse of the coin at the end of the Monticello building and next to the mint mark is that a doubled die?

    On the Lincoln Cent please look at the line in his cheek. Is that a mint error and what it would be classified as? Thank you for your time and your help.
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    Welcome Aboard.
    CONECA staff forum rules say one coin per post. It's to cut down on confusion, and to allow searches an accurate result.

    The Lincoln cent might be a die gouge, but it is difficult to say for sure. The line itself has to be raised. The problem here is, IF it is a die gouge, it's on one of the deepest parts of the working die. The designs of coins are sunk into the die, so it is raised on the coin.

    There may be another by his ear. I will have to sleep on this one. It's strange. What does the reverse of the Lincoln cent look like ?

    Although the photos are pretty clear, when trying to zoom in on these, they get a bit blurry, making an accurate opinion difficult.
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    Gary Kozera
    Website: https://MintErrors.org

    Unsure if it is mechanical/machine/strike doubling or damage? I suggest reading the posts below !

    What is mechanical or machine damage

    Die varieties with a practice attribution and photo tips.