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Dime and nickel need help

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  • Dime and nickel need help

    I found 2 coins in curious to know about. 1 is a wartime 1943 P coming apart ? The other is a 70 dime copper showing on the sides and the (rim) is high. Sorry I don’t know the language yet, but would appreciate any information or knowledge anyone has!
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    First off, forum protocol requires one coin per thread. Since you are new here, I ask that you do that in your future posts. As far as these two go, the nickel has what appears to be environmental damage on it. It may have been buried at some point. The dime should have a copper core, and should also have reeds. They have been removed mechanically (grinder?) after the coin left the mint. The wear on the surfaces also indicate post mint damage. I am afraid neither of your coins has any premium associated with it as they are all damaged.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


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      Thank you so much! I read the protocol and didn’t think when I posted .. won’t happen again thanks!


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        Originally posted by Kimstevens68 View Post
        Thank you so much! I read the protocol and didn’t think when I posted .. won’t happen again thanks!
        The top left of the page shows the Forums tab. Under there, most of the posts about coins in general are supposed to be in the Varieties ( Re-punched mint marks, doubled dies, over mint marks, re-punched dates, misplaced dates etc) and the Errors (lamination, off center, mis-aligned dies, double struck, wrong planchet, struck-through, die cracks, BIE and others) forums.

        If that dime has a slightly higher rim than normal, it might have been in a high heat drier, aka a drier coin. The heat warms them up and the rotating drum allows them to free fall and land on a metal surface so eventually the reeding would be beaten away.

        I agree with Bob, these coins in the end, are simply, damaged.
        Gary Kozera
        Website: https://MintErrors.org

        Unsure if it is mechanical/machine/strike doubling or damage? I suggest reading the posts below !

        What is mechanical or machine damage

        Die varieties with a practice attribution and photo tips.


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          Originally posted by MintErrors View Post

          I agree with Bob, these coins in the end, are simply, damaged.
          Yep. I agree