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Thread: 1873 & 1909 U.S Penny Values?

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    Arrow 1873 & 1909 U.S Penny Values?

    Hey all! I have alot of 1909 pennies in mint condition and was wondering what price I could get for it? I also have an 1873 mint condition penny... and would also want to know what I'm looking at price wise? I am a year into coin collecting and am hopefully planning on selling some of my rare collection to pay for college. Anywho, thanks in advance. I also have some random pics in my profile of coins if anyone is interested in just browsing
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    The answer to that could be all over the board. Its all about condition.

    Prices for the coins mentioned range for the 1909 from $2.00 to 6 grand. Depending on grade, MM and other variables.

    The other coin is in the 12.00-1000.00 range again, depends on the actual grade of the coin.

    Got some good clean pictures perhaps we can narrow it down just a little more.: )

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    I'd agree totally with James!!! Condition is the key here!!Post some pics and let see a few..

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