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Thread: TPG Standardization? One can hope

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    I responded to your post due to another member complaining about what he saw. My board seat oversees complaints and grievances ... so I'm doing what I was elected to do.

    What you have done is clearly contrary to the rules set up for this forum.

    My comment on the price of beef is just my take. If you find it offensive I wonder how the 45% of the folks you say are dishonest in this hobby feel.

    You are in essence saying that almost half of our members are dishonest. I find that offense and and I'm willing to bet the member that complained did too.

    Why not just cool down and remember what the purpose of this club is and contribute something educational. Anything, even a photo or two. I'd welcome your contributions in this manner. I understand you have having problems with uploading image. You may have to size them down. Most forums restrict size. For example, CFF only allows images up to 200 KB. Size down the resolution and try again.

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    I find it ironic that you accused me of flaming others out one side of your mouth and THEN turn around and FLAME me with the other side of your mouth!!!! I did NOT mention ANYTHING about the members of this forum in any way shape or form. I did NOT accuse anyone on this forum of doing anything untoward. I was speaking of major companies and huge dealers (how many members here are dealers?) Maybe my estimation of 45% feels a bit much for you BUT 98% is ALSO a fantastical number also, and you KNOW IT.

    My definition of flaming: Using false statements to bring an undeserved negative light to the other person; attacking others to deflect attention away from the answer; making fantastical statement out of reality to reflect negatively on another person.

    You make a somewhat ambigious rule (that we are supposed to interpret what you meant) and then you turn around and break your own rule. Yes, it is your site and you and the other officers of this site run it. Fine, do what you will.

    If PCGS is so wonderful, why do they use a "First Strike" designation (which the US Mint disagrees with) as a marketing tool which they themselves know is erronious? How much does the "First Strike" designation add value to a slabbed coin? We both know it does NOT add any value to the coin. As for the coin that was replaced by someone at PCGS, that happened and I have the original photos, the coin sent to me and all the e-mail correspondence between me and PCGS. Another person on this site very recently ALSO made mention of this occurance happening to them. I did not have a smart phone when the "dealer" set up those many Silver Eagles on their table, so I cannot "PROVE" to your moderators here what I said, but I DO have a smart phone now and maybe when I go to the FUN show this year I can capture a similar transaction. But.....would you believe me then?

    I really do not care, I know what occurred and I do not have to "PROVE" it to anyone here. You believe me or you don't. No matter to me. My ego does not need a boost, so I have no reason nor inclination to lie. It certainly will not increase the value of my collect "one red cent."

    You and all those who have been involved in coin collecting 30, 40 years HAVE to be aware of these practices by PCGS and others. The big checkbook gets favors. Honesty, trust, and integrity are the major qualities (if not the only qualities) of numismatics and when those qualities are not present, everyone suffers.

    When I was a complete novice (only three months into collecting), I purchased from a supposedly reputable company selling massive numbers of these coins, a 1879-S Rev 79 Morgan silver dollar on E-Bay graded MS66 which I paid a small price for (less than $100). The coin I received may be, just may be an MS60 and was graded by what I now know was, a fourth tier company. Luckily the price I paid was about what the MS60- was worth, so I did not get "burned". However, if the coin WAS an MS66 it would have been worth approximately $6000 (Red Book). Yes, now I know better. E-Bay did nothing about this when I reported it to them. The other company continued to sell these coins for at least six months after my complaint. I never purchased anything else from them. And I learned as much as I could as quickly as I could.

    YES, education IS the key.

    Although I own a number of "First Strike" coins, I do NOT purchase coins BECAUSE they are so-called "First Strike" coins and I would not purchase the coin "just because" it is a "First Strike" and I would certainly NOT pay a premium for the coin because of that designation.

    Maybe you should go back and re-read what I wrote.
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    This thread is being closed. Merlin. If you have a problem with the TPG's. Please take it to the TPG's forum. Complaining here is accomplishing nothing but me getting complaints about your posting..

    Discussion is done.

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