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Raleigh NC Money Expo - June 1-4, 2017

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  • Raleigh NC Money Expo - June 1-4, 2017

    The Raleigh Money Expo - June 1-4, 2017 is a pretty big deal on the east of the USA.
    It has an atmosphere similar to some of the biggest coin conventions across the United States.
    Dave Provost is the Bourse chairman and he does a bang up job trying to make every dealer seem at home.

    The site info is here:

    The NC show seems to have strong ties to some major coin publications, so the show is well advertised. Dave Provost does a good job getting the word out to as many people as he can about this yearly event.

    I am more than likely going to be located between tables 220-229.

    I am a CONECA state rep for Virginia. I reached out to Joe C to see if he was planning on attending the Raleigh NC Money Expo. Joe C. might have a scheduling conflict for that weekend, so I asked Joe C. if he wanted me to accept a free CONECA table for the duration of the show. I conferred with Joe C. and he suggested that I take the table since I will have three dealer tables as well and plan on attending the event anyway. Should Joe C. be able to attend, we would tag team the people who came to the CONECA table and give them more attention. We'll see how it goes. All good !

    I don't know if this show has ever had a CONECA representation at the show, and Dave Provost aims to send the people with oddities to the CONECA table.

    Come on By and say Hello !
    Gary Kozera
    CONECA State Representative for Virginia
    Website: http://www.minterrors.org
    Auction House: http://auctions.minterrors.org
    Store: http://minterrors.org/index.php?/store/