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Thiefts and robberies; what you can do about them

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  • Thiefts and robberies; what you can do about them

    On 7/25/07 D&B Coins, in Orange City, Florida was robbed at gunpoint. I have known Doug and Debra, the owners of that shop, for years and they are fine folks who run an honest coin business. While their loss was great, they were both unharmed, which is the best thing in this very unpleasant situation. I will include a partial list of what was stolen at the end of this post.

    The summer "FUN" show, in West Palm Beach, Florida had an incident where someone tried to walk away from a stand with an undisclosed amount of foreign currency and coins, which did not belong to that person. Police did manage to apprehend him and as Jeanie (my wife) and I left, he was in handcuffs awaiting a patrol car to take him away.

    Such incidents, although not common, do happen. Unfortunately, there is a criminal element out there, who do wait to prey on those who are unaware of what is going on. Simple rules like being aware of your surroundings, traveling in groups, not wearing your name tag to and from coin shows, using proper protection when carrying valuable coins, should always be followed.

    The first incident with D&B coin shop seemed unavoidable, for I know that they are careful people having been in the coin business for many, many years. They just happened to become targets for this robbery.

    The second incident happened at the end of the show, when dealers attentions are some what diverted as they pack to leave for home. This is a prime time to loss something if you are distracted.

    Hopefully, something like this will never happen to you and if you do follow the simple guidelines for being safe, your chances increase that you will never be involved in such occurrences.

    Stay safe.

    BJ Neff

    This is a partial list of what was taken at D&B coin shop

    1909-S Lin con cent NGC 64RB
    1909-S, VDB Lincoln cent NGC 64RB
    Geo. Washington $1.00, no rim NGC 64
    1928 Peace dollar PCGS AU58
    4 - 1oz gold eagles, all NGC69
    5 - 1/4 oz. gold eagles, all NGC69
    1922 - double gold eagle
    1924 - double gold eagle

    1882 brown back #644 P A VF
    1907 Wood chopper AU
    1914 $5 F
    100 - $1 silver certificates
    1922 $20 gold note VG/F
    $20 Hawaiian note VF
    10$ silver certificate note

    3 - 1oz palladium Maple Leaf
    1 - 1oz palladium North West

    over 100, 1oz .999 silver bars
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