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CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

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clash die proof quarter info

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  • clash die proof quarter info

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum (but I was a member of CONECA years ago in the days before cells phones and the web). I am seeking information about how to get an error coin that I have authenticated, as well as information on the kind of error it is.

    Specifically, I have a 1968S quarter with a heavy clash die. That's right--it's a proof with a clash die! Now, in searching the forums and net, I have not found any references to clash die proofs of any kind.

    Any advice or info would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Paul. I vaguely recall seeing one or two other proofs with heavy clash marks, but that's about it. These errors are simple to authenticate with a quick visual inspection. If you need it slabbed, you'll can go directly to PCGS, NGC, or ANACS. There is a cooperative relationship with ICG and CONECA. That allows you to send the coin to me for an initial pass before I send it on to ICG. That service costs $17 plus postage and insurance. However, for $12, you can send it directly to ICG.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.


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      clash die quarter

      Thanks, Mike. I used to work for a dealer and have some experience with errors, so I am very confident that this is a genuine clash die. You can see bird wing feathers and leaves in the field on the obverse, and an outline of Washington's head is visible in many places on the reverse. But I may want to get it slabbed and/or certified.

      Any guess as to what something like this is worth? It's not a deep cameo, but I would say somewhere between PR65 and 67 as a grade.


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        If it were me, I'd just leave it in the proof set. Many collectors like proof errors that are still in the original set. As to value, I really couldn't say. I'm not a dealer and too few of these errors come up to establish a trend.
        Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.