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1858 lg letter flying cent possible 1858/7

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  • 1858 lg letter flying cent possible 1858/7

    This last penny in the series before the Indian cents has me stumped.
    I can determine it is the large letter Varity as the a & m are clearly touching.
    I can not find a source for all the markers on the 1858/7 and of the two I know I am not sure if the triangle is as seen in the attached photo ?
    The second is a broken wing tip but on this marker I am not sure what it looks like.
    If you are able to identify this coin as being or not being the 1858/7 please do and share a little of the why or why not's or at least refer us to a source.
    Thanks Ron aka NCICACFC
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    You might want to look at this site for some help if you have not yet done so.



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      Flying eagle

      Thank you for the resource....
      REALLY !!!


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        Jack after much research I am trying to definitely determine if this coin is made of bronze or the normal copper nickle composition. After discovering the other pattern coins in this era. I started really looking at the composition and can not with any peace of mind just blow it off until I am sure.
        I let a 1959 mule get away from me for 200.00 dollars only to learn later it was worth a lot more....
        I have came to the end of the road on this concern but if you have any thing please share and next I find someone who can tell me one way or the other. At first these coins were believed to be made late then it was disproved and the were declared to have been made early, if this coin is bronze it blows a large hole in that belief.