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1971-S 1c Proof Doubled Die

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  • 1971-S 1c Proof Doubled Die

    Over the past few months, I have been purchasing some rolls of proof cents and proof sets to boost up my die varieties and errors that I take with me to coin shows.

    The best find, value wise has been a 1971-S Lincoln cent DDO that I pulled out of a proof roll. Looking the coin over, it isn't the "big one", so it more than likely will come back as a CONECA 004.

    I pulled these pictures off my web site, so please bear with the web site logos. Once the coin comes back from the third party grading service (TPG) I'll post better pictures, if required/requested.

    I lost the LIBERTY shot somewhere.
    If I find it, I'll post it.

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    Nice find guy!

    I do agree that the website logos are a bit glaring. I can replace them when you get the coin back and shoot new images.

    You may want to consider taking images for use here (or elsewhere) before sending coins out for certification. They are always easier to shoot raw than in a slab.

    I hope all is going well with the States Rep Program in your state!
    Ken Potter
    CONECA Public Relations
    Visit my website: http://koinpro.tripod.com
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    Unless otherwise noted, images are by Ken Potter and copyright Ken Potter 2015.

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      I may have a second one of these, raw, but it doesn't look like a CONECA 001, 002 or 004. I think its a minor die variety. If I get a chance, and can back to the proof rolls, I will see about getting pics of that one as well, under a separate thread.

      Proofs in general are hard to shoot, for me anyway. The light loves to refract back up the scope and cause issues. No worries, I will eventually get some decent pictures.

      As for the CONECA state rep program, It is a pretty neat thing. I typically set up close to the ANACS rep at shows I attend, and we tag team people with questions about errors or die varieties. I typically set up at 3-4 shows a year, depending on my schedule/free time. I enjoy it - I've been into die varieties and errors since the early 1980's. looking through bags and rolls is like playing the lottery - the chances are better, and cheaper, and odds go up in favor of me if I can "read" the seller and purchase things from sellers/businesses that don't wish to search the merchandise. It works for me !


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        The coins are back.
        As suspected, it came back as;

        1971 S 1C PROOF CONECA DMR-017 Proof 66
        Gary Kozera
        CONECA State Representative for Virginia
        Website: http://www.minterrors.org
        Auction House: http://auctions.minterrors.org
        Store: http://minterrors.org/index.php?/store/