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1963 proof roosevelt DDR

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  • 1963 proof roosevelt DDR

    I am still digging through the proof sets and I had to do a double take (no pun intended) on this 1963 Proof Dime. The only thing that caught my eye originally was the funky way the E in EPU looked.

    I see some sort of doubling on the EPL of Epluribus

    I also see some sort of notching on UNITED STATES. The most predominant seems to be in the area of the EPL and D in UNITED.

    EDIT: A second look under the scope and the entire UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has the notched doubling. The notching is much more evident on UNITED STATES.
    There is some Notching if you will, on ONE DIME as well.

    The Obverse looks clean, no obvious issues on the date or IGWT.

    I've yet to set the lighting up in the home office, so bear with my photos for a few more days.

    Here come the photos.

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    Gary Kozera
    Website: https://MintErrors.org

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    Looking over the master listing, it looks like it boils down to this one;

    1963 DDR-005
    Designation: PR-5-R-II-C

    Description: Medium spread on ONE DIME, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLU of PLURIBUS, and Left stem
    Population: 3

    The stem isn't split much, if at all. There is more of a chance of doubling on some of the leaves on the far left hand side of the design.
    Gary Kozera
    Website: https://MintErrors.org


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      Without a doubt a doubled die.
      Ken Potter
      CONECA Public Relations
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