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Wanted Mercury dime RPMs

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  • Wanted Mercury dime RPMs

    I am a Mercury dime RPM collector. I have wanted to purchase the following rpms but have not found a collector or dealer that has one or more for sale. I am wanting to buy the following; 1942-D RPM008, 1943-D RPM006, 1945-D RPM002 and 1945-DRPM008. I have checked the internet for sometime but there are limited sites that list mercury dime rpms for sale. Does CONECA have a means for collectors to check with other collectors to see if they have rpms in their collection for sale?

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    I suggest private messaging the administrator of this board, James may have the answer to this.

    I do not know if John Wexler, who owns Doubleddie.com has any for sale or not. John usually list some coins for sale at times, usually a link is on his main page
    Ken Potter who lands in here once in a while may have some on his website. I suggest looking over his site at http://koinpro.tripod.com/

    Good luck !
    Gary Kozera
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