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1955-S Lincoln Cent - Should this be a CONECA RPM?

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  • 1955-S Lincoln Cent - Should this be a CONECA RPM?

    I bought a handful of BU rolls from an ex-dealer at the Virginia Beach Coin show last weekend.
    Sunday was extremely slow, so I decided to go through the 1954-D and the 1955-S rolls.

    What do you think? It looks like at least a double split serif on the top and possibly a hint at a lower split serif.
    James W usually does not count split serifs as a measure for a CONECA RPM, but this one just looks....weird.

    Edit: Looks like CopperCoins may have this one listed as 1955S-1MM-007, The top portion of the secondary mintmark can be seen near the top serif.

    Here are three examples of the 1955-S I found.



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    Gary Kozera
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    As an added bonus, I decided for the heck of it to magnify this RPM as best I could so you could see some finer details.

    These photos are shot with a Canon T3i rebel camera, with a microscope lens inserted into the barrel of an eye piece.

    I'll see if I can show you the basic setup.

    Canon T3i with microscope lens and shim inserted into a microscope eye piece hole (microscope eye piece was removed) . The microscope I am using is a $220.00-ish
    version of an AMSCOPE (American Scope) .


    Additional screw on lens at bottom to get incredibly close up. Most of the time (99%) the bottom lens 2x lens is not used.


    A shot of the Camera, the Microscope Lens and the shim/sleeve to stable the camera in the eye piece hole of the microscope.


    The complete setup. Notice that I use a small remote to keep the camera from moving during the photo.

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    Gary Kozera
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      Sure looks like the Coppercoin 1955S 1MM 007. I still have the original coin shown on CC
      Jack Sellards


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        Very nice!