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1970 D no FG penny

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  • 1970 D no FG penny

    I found a 1970 D with no FG. Anyone seen this before? Cant fjnd but 1 post on google.
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    Here is a post I see on another coin forum

    and another post

    The photo of the reverse above is just a touch out of focus. If you have a loupe or a microscope, see if the area where the FG should appear is ever so faint or not present at all. It may take a lot of light to see the faint designers initials and at a correct angle. If any of the reverse has a faded out area, or simply is not sharp as the rest of the devices, or if the field ( flat part, surface of the coin) shows uneven spots, it may represent a hint that grease or even particles of the bronze have clogged the FG.

    If it is a grease filled area where the FG should be, the surface area may look just a but more "splotchy", uneven wear or look odd like having small dimples or craters. It may also affect the outer edge of the Memorial building.

    Ken Potter typically comes through the forums, and he may know if there is a actual variety for the 1970-D with no FG.

    I would assume, if this is a No FG, you may see some sort of fine scratches in close proximity of the FG area, and along the side of the Memorial Building.
    For example, look at this 1969-D Red No FG. Use the little magification box to see the scratches along the side of the Memorial Building.

    The Cherry Pickers Guide had an article about the 1969-D version of the no FG, or designers initials, that also has the floating roof.

    I have a boatload of the 1969-D No FG's with the floating roof. Out of say 20 rolls, I may have one roll in which you cannot see any of the FG what so ever. I used a microscope and had to position the lighting just right and on ones I consider not good enough, I could see just a touch of the initials. I cannot confirm if my 69-D's were simply polished or if it was grease. I am sure there are die marriages that ID the correct reverse die in order to confirm the 69-D No FG. I'll have to send a few of mine to my fav grading company and for 17 bucks or so they will tell me, and I can have them as conversational pieces.

    There may be an issue with grading companies seeing this more of a design flaw and considering it a minor error, since it could simply be grease filled or chips of debris filling the FG cavity.

    It is interesting, but with the uncertainty, many people will be hesitant to consider it a rare find. You can probably get it attributed for a small fee from people within the CONECA organization. I am sure they have a link on the main page for attributions.
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