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Big pics to document die varieties

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  • Big pics to document die varieties

    OK, so here's the original purpose of my post, which I made long ago and it ended up being "blank" no matter what I tried. Very odd behavior for the forum, but apparently it has been fixed...

    I started experimenting with Stack and Stitch over a year ago, and have shot several Lincoln Cent die varieties and other interesting coins such as a Very Early Die State (VEDS) coin.

    You can view the coins on the EasyZoom website, where I am hosting the images due to their large size of ~100-200MP. The site allows you to zoom-in to see the details. As an example, here is 1955-S/S/S RPM#1:


    These images are the culmination of about a decade of work to allow me to show, in a single image, a full-coin image of a die variety which can be zoomed-in to see the variety markers, stage markers, and surface details on any area of the coin. This gives a much better view of the coin than a typical 5-10 shot documentation of a variety, since those cannot cover the entire coin on obverse and reverse like the full-coin shots can.

    Would like to hear any comments on the images and the usefulness in documenting die varieties.
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    I've been able to edit the post, after 9 months, to finally post my original message, see above.