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2011 P Nickel. Full Steps, DDO

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  • Julesie4558
    OK really good advice, thanks so much!

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  • MintErrors
    Originally posted by Julesie4558 View Post
    I know this one is a bit beat up but it definitely looks doubled and there is a strange mark on the chin, that to me does not look like PMD.
    The spots on his chin look incused or dug into the coin itself, so that could have been a mild strike through issue or a lamination issue. It's really hard to tell.

    Now let me ask you to do some analysis of this coin you have. For that area around the chin, can you tell if it is aged at all?

    Look at it this way. IF this coin is struck in 2011, it is circulated and the things on the chin are nice, pretty and shiny something may be amiss. What I am trying to say is that check to see if there is any debris in that area. It should have accumulated something over the past 11-plus years, including tarnishing a bit due to age. It's the little thoughts that can help me understand what could be possibly wrong with the coin.

    It helps me add check marks to whether this issue occurred in the mint or is simply PMD. Like I said before, circulated coins with a potential error may have attributers leaning towards PMD because it is more likely what happened.

    As for the potential for a doubled die, I wandered out to a few websites and I didn't see much for the 2011 series. I don't see much listed for 2011 DDO's anywhere.


    Let us wait to make a judgement call on the DDO side. To me it looks lower than the original impression which means part of the "11" may be lower and missing. That is a classic sign that mechanical/strike doubling is suspect. How do prove otherwise? We go look for some Myth-buster info telling us that DDO's for this year need to exist.....

    Looking at the varietyvista.com site below, you can see that there weren't many Jefferson DDO's released between 2006 and 2020.

    I also wandered off to https://doubleddie.com . That is John Wexler's website and he works with a few other people to make things happen.

    Educational alert ! The doubleddie.com website is packed with great examples of doubled dies, re-punched mint marks (RPM's) and some other stuff. He also has a good learning area on what the classic strike doubling, mechanical doubling - worthless doubling looks like as well. I think John W even calls it "worthless doubling". The link is below:


    For Nickels, John Wexler has a link that goes to Brian's coins. He has some great photos. His DDO links are at the top of the page, his sales are to the left column. I use this entire site since the photos show varieties.


    Brian does list a 2011 or two in the listings, but it is a Doubled Die Reverse (DDR), the others may have been Denver minted.

    When the US mint started changing the way they operated back in the mid 1990's they began a slow journey towards releasing less and less errors and varieties. That means the collectors, variety and error specialists are going to starve when it comes to trying to pull a genuine error out of a of newer minted coins. Believe me, there are plenty of older varieties still in many rolls. It's a tedious process but hopefully one that will reward you soon.

    Lastly and probably most importantly in a learning environment I like to make sure people understand this part too.

    One, although CONECA is a stellar organization, they have a stricter tolerance when it comes to errors and varieties compared to other web site attributers.
    In my opinion, I believe CONECA is making sure that the coin in question is what is what it is and at the spread and strength needed to make a confident call.

    There are other sites like John Wexler (http://doubleddie.com)who has a numbering system and can call variety and error coin with a slightly lesser degree of spread and strength. I am sure there are many other good websites that can document errors and varieties as well. As Bob P. can attest, https://Coppercoins.com is another website that can help with attributing Lincoln cents when you need another website to pick through.
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  • Julesie4558
    started a topic 2011 P Nickel. Full Steps, DDO

    2011 P Nickel. Full Steps, DDO

    I know this one is a bit beat up but it definitely looks doubled and there is a strange mark on the chin, that to me does not look like PMD.
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