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1971-S Proof

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  • 1971-S Proof

    It looks to me some type of doubling but not sure. My eyes can play tricks on me sometime. I am not sure but would like to know. This coin just came out of a proof set so I do have the others from set. The plastic holder broke
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    The TRUST looks like mechanical doubling. See if you can find a match at https ://coppercoins.com or at http://varietyvista.com. From what I remember of the Lincoln proof ddo's of 71, LIBERTY was Doubled, for most pretty significantly. You know it is shelf doubling if one part of a number or feature is lower. It sometimes called shelf doubling, but in the end, it's worthless doubling. It happened a lot in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Mechanical doubling, shelf doubling, mechanical damage happens when the mint press is not set up perfect. It's a machine and parts tend to shift and wiggle a little bit. The end result is that parts of the devices lose some of the metal, making numbers, letters and other devices look a bit thinner. It almost looks like a mini bucket loader removed some of the material.

    a typical ddo or ddr should show thickness at or close to the same height. It might even show a cookie cutter style line where one impression was stamped over the top of another on that working die. It is important to note that it's the working die that is Doubled in turn making ddo or ddrs on coins once that die is added to a minting press.

    Let others chime in. Bob, the Lincoln cent attributer for CONECA should be around here shortly.
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    Gary Kozera
    CONECA State Representative for Virginia
    Website: http://www.minterrors.org

    Unsure if it is mechanical/machine/strike doubling or damage? I suggest reading this post below !
    Updated as of March 24th 2022 !


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      Thanks for the insite. Appreciate your time to explain


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        Here a better picture of the coin
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          I would agree with MintErrors assessment of this coin. I am curious as to whether you are concentrating on the doubling you see, or what appears to be minor separation lines...especially on Proof coinage. There are a few instances where these lines could be actual close hub doubling, but that is not the case here.
          Please also remember that proof coins were actually struck at least twice. You put that together with what MintErrors said about the press setup, and you can see where a lot of these anomalies come from.
          I also need to encourage you to continue searching hard, and not become discouraged if things don't turn out like you want. I realize you are still learning and this is one of the only ways to get enough input to learn this hobby. Sooner or later, you will see a nice variety show up. I hope it is real soon.
          Bob Piazza
          Lincoln Cent Attributer


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            I see what you are saying about mirroring separation but if you compare my coin with the 1971-S DDO RD PCGS# 3548 it’s almost identical. So that’s why I posted this in the first place. So that’s why I was trying to see what I have. I am not disagreeing what you seen in my picture of coin I do see what you are talking about.


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              There are 7 DDOs listed for 1971-S. You’re never specific about any coins you post and expect everyone to look at random crooked pictures and do the footwork for you. Gary gives his explanation and you post more pics basically disagreeing. Bob agrees with Gary and you post more pics disagreeing.

              “It looks to me some type of doubling but not sure”
              Where? What areas? I see MD but thats not what you want to hear. Is it another area? Something not clear in the pictures? I dont think it can be covered much better than Gary’s comment about the pictures

              You disagree, more pictures

              Bob’s assessment agreeing and adding to Gary’s

              You disagree again and say it looks like PCGS# 3548?

              Ok. I guess everyone has to go figure out what 3548 is instead of you doing that? I see a pattern here. Ok. Be right back…FS-101. No, your coin isnt even close to FS-101 and nobody has to prove to you why, it just isnt.

              Show us where is your coin exactly like it. Be specific

              Im sure I’ll get my lashings for this post but this is a pattern on every coin you have a question about. Why ask if you’re not going to agree with anyone and already set on what you think it is? It doesn’t make any sense
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                For once I did say I agree with what Gary and Bob was sailing. I was just stating what was the reason I posted this post and where I got my thought on where I believe what my coin could be. So here’s where I believe is the doubling
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                  Much better. That is MD Machine Doubling.