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1958 P LMC - ddr?

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  • 1958 P LMC - ddr?

    Hi all. I got this coin in a Fun Roll from EScott coins awhile ago. Love the rolls but the question is "Am I clever enough to find the error coins?"

    I found the 1958P-1DR-001P on Coppercoins and it look pretty close to this coin (only I think my is a perhaps a later die state.) It is listed as CONECA: DDR-005- so I go to Variety Vista and look at the 005 and now I am absolutely not sure. It does have a really nice cracked skull.

    So back to the drawing board...is this even a double die? Not very good at these - batting .001 Please offer guidance / opinions.

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    CONECA ddr 005 (Variety Vista) is a proof, as designated by the numbering system with PR in it. I believe 003 is an ms (non-proof) version. Just to clarify... this coin is not a proof, correct ?

    For me, DDRs can be as painful as some of the "S" mintmark RPMs to attribute.

    I usually can tell if EPU is doubled by
    The lower portion of the "L".
    The lower curved portion of the "U`s"
    The dots are egg shaped
    The thin curved lines on the wheat stalks are sometimes doubled.I see them doubled on the left side more than the right.

    I'll follow up as soon as I can. I will be busy for a bit.
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    Gary Kozera
    CONECA State Representative for Virginia
    Website: http://www.minterrors.org

    Unsure if it is mechanical/machine/strike doubling or damage? I suggest reading this post below !
    Updated as of May 4th 2022 !


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      Hi Mint Errors. Thank you for your response. No this is not a proof. I was definitely not up to speed on the nomenclature and it was not registering with me. I guess that is what the 001P and PR stand for lol. So that just leaves DDR-003. I think I see egg shaped dots, a spread / notch on lower S and split serifs on LU and M. These do not appear to look like the 003 example.and it does not have die marker for ERICA. However, it does have a die crack over the VDB.


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        This coin does not appear to be a doubled die. If it is, it certainly isn't strong enough to warrant a listing. Another thing...when you mention extra thickness, it would be a Class 6. Notching or separation usually signifies a Class 2. You can have a combination of both (Class 2 + 6), but this coin lacks any and all of those characteristics, and it can not be on only one letter.
        Bob Piazza
        Lincoln Cent Attributer


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          Hi mustbebob. Thank you much for the response. I am trying to learn how to identify DD's and with your explanation realize I really need to figure out the Class rating system in order to describe more accurately what I am seeing. One of the most difficult puzzles I have encountered in a long time is figuring out how to identify Double Dies. Glad to have all the guidance from this forum.


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            Learning all the classes of doubling is not too easy. Patience and tenacity certainly help. You have all the info you need to help guide you right at your fingertips with the search engines and clubs and attribution sites available. We are here to help any way we can.
            Bob Piazza
            Lincoln Cent Attributer